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Christine West


Beyond Exteriors

Senior Student Art Exhibition

Exhibition dates: November 3- November 22, 2015

Artists Reception: Tuesday, November 10, 2015   7:00 – 9:00 PM



Artistic Statement – Beyond Exteriors

Beyond Exteriors invites the viewers to consider what is beyond the obvious facades that they encounter in their everyday lives. I want the viewers to explore the humanity and psyche that are behind the various exteriors that are presented to them whether it is an abandoned building, old furniture, or a human face. I encourage the viewers to acknowledge and connect with the stories and emotions that are under the surface.

As an artist I am drawn to surfaces and textures, and in my work I use textural elements to highlight and support the emotional content. Wrinkled skin, rotten wood, and cold gritty concrete draw the viewer into the work and communicate an emotional energy. The textures and surfaces in my work are meant to evoke emotional responses that mirror the human and expressive content of the piece.

My body of work includes various media and processes to include oil paintings, drawings, prints, and sculpture. I like to explore and replicate various textures by using various processes. Using a variety of media and processes allows me to produce a meaningful image multiple times, which enables me to explore the image and content more fully while still fulfilling my need for variety and innovative production.

Used Up # 1

Used Up #1

Used Up #2

Used Up #2

Stoop # 1

Stoop #1

Stoop # 2

Stoop #2

Stoop #3

Stoop #3

Feminie Preservationsized

Feminie Preservation



Drain Pipesized

Drain Pipe-











Knick Knacks

Knick Knacks


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