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Kirstie Kauker


In My Right Mind

Senior Student Art Exhibition

Exhibition dates: November 25- December 16, 2015

Artists Reception: Thursday, December 10, 2015   7:00 – 9:00 PM

1 before tom

Artistic Statement-In My Right Mind:There is no arguing that people are interesting beings. The way we act, interact and react to others has been studied and reviewed by countless people. I think my fascination with understanding people and their motives and drives is what inspired me to create these works. It’s also why I love psychology so much, because it’s all about people and how they function.  Essentially, these pieces boil down to; how we think about, speak to, and act towards other people, with a focus on those with mental illness.

People are people regardless of how their minds work.

tom sketch

Tom Sketch

tom schizophrenia

Tom Schizophrenia

body armor 1

Body Armor

body armor 2

Body Armor 2

cassidy sketch

Cassidy Sketch





dock in the light of day

Dock in the Light of Day

grandmas house

Grandmas House

harper sketch

Harper Sketch



kyle sketch

Kyle Sketch

kyle sketch 2

Kyle Sketch 2





From the Art Show



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