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A Unified Thread


Laura Dobrota

A Unified Thread

Mixed Media Works

Exhibit: March 4 – April 3, 2016

Artist’s talk and reception: Tuesday, March 22, 3-5 p.m.


1_Dobrota_Nest of Aquired Material_Pen, marker, paper mache, textiles, on paper. 9.5x11

Nest of Aquired Materials 



Artist Statement

My work is an idiosyncratic testimony that calls attention to the value of nature’s presence through unexpected representations. The vision of my work is to blend the congruent lines of artistic and scientific research. In my process as a maker, my goal is to seek a sense of interconnection and understanding of the workings of the natural world. Through merging fact and fiction, the emphasis is away from the imitation of nature. While instead towards the imaginative recombination, of things remembered to the illustration of concepts formed from within.   Through this approach to understanding analogies of thinking, progressive ways of invention can take place.

This current series of work embodies the physical as well as metaphysical associations of birds’ nests. There is much value in this ordinary familiar object, yet wonderment of nature. A nest is a nurtured structure for a new beginning or if no longer occupied it can be an entombment. It begins with just an idea, or piece of material, and can endlessly grow.  Through the study of many types of nests created from all around the world, I personalize and recreate them into a synthetic archive that uses the nest as a subject within a representational sense, but in my own poetic language.


Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, I received my BFA at the University of Cincinnati with a minor in Art Education. Having multiple shows upon graduating, I was also passionate about teaching art to a wide range of age groups, but primarily within inner city youth. In 2015 I received my MFA at Ohio University, while teaching as instructor of record for the undergraduate drawing and painting classes. I also gave several lectures there about my work as the keynote speaker for the contemporary art history course, Seeing and Knowing the Visual Arts. Within my artistic career I have shown work in many group, solo, invitational, commissioned, and juried exhibitions. I have shown nationally, internationally, and have multiple awards and grants. I am represented by the Starbrick Gallery in Athens, Ohio where I currently live and regularly exhibit my work.


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