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William Goebig


Holy Family University Art Gallery Presents

Seriously Hilarious

Senior Student Art Exhibition


William Goebig

Please come and support this achievement

Exhibition dates: April 6- May 2, 2016

Artists Reception: Tuesday, April 12, 2016   5:00 – 7:00 PM


Three Eyes

This body of work is entitled Seriously Hilarious because there is a sense of duality to my art making. In one aspect of my art I am very serious and strict in my technique so to create balanced aesthetically pleasing designs. In the other aspect of my art making I am looser and more spontaneous like in my paintings and drawings of exaggerated features and abnormal situations. It is through these two styles of art making that I have found my personal balance in art and in life.

Throughout my time as a student and during the course of my life I have always, quite literally, drawn on any piece of paper that was in front of me. These drawings usually turned out to be nothing but partially finished sketches of faces or letters. Although different, they always had one thing in common, they all ended up in the trash and I never paid them any mind. Recently I decided to use these sketches, give them life and break away from the guidelines and rules from which I thought art had to follow. My art today is a result of sketches that were either on a blank piece of paper, the back of a syllabus, or in a sketchbook. This work is a break away from the seriousness of life and art and is fun because life is hard and everyone needs a chance to escape; this is mine.

As a Graphic Designer, art plays a different role, which can be viewed as more strict and serious. The majority of my graphic art focuses on the guidelines of design. I enjoy making balanced designs because it allows a different approach to creation. It allows me to create a piece of art that I can look at and know that it can make sense by itself. My graphic design work is serious while my paintings and sculptures are hilarious.


Please join the Art Department at the Artist Reception

There will be refreshments and an artist talk.


Holy Family University Gallery is on the Lower Level of the Education and Technology Center, 9801 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19114.
Contact: Pamela Flynn pflynn12@holyfamily.edu


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