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Zachary Pritchard


Zachary Pritchard


Mixed Media Works

Exhibit: September 2-28, 2016

Artist’s talk and reception: Wednesday 9/28 12:50-2:50


Holy Family University will exhibit a collection of artwork created by
Zachary Pritchard from Friday, September 2nd through Wednesday,
September 28th. Made from paper-mâché, plaster, fired clay, pigmented
wax, cast iron and aluminum, the exhibition features sculptures on
pedestals, free standing pieces and wall sculptures.

Pritchard earned his BFA in sculpture from Buffalo State College in
2011. As part of his studies, he participated in an international artist
residency, creating art in Finland and Latvia. He went on to earn an
MFA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. His work has been
exhibited across the United States, recently in Massachusetts, New
York City, and Philadelphia galleries. His most recent body of work
has been included in group and solo shows, earning high praise.
Described as, “forms that play with a sense of expectation and
balance, Pritchard’s sculptures have a familiar, yet uneasy presence
about them, as if they are each their own characters with their own
distinct personalities.”  He currently lives and works in
Artistic Statement:

My work explores themes and personal experiences of humor, loss,
death, loneliness, and attraction. Working with materials that lend
themselves to manipulation, such as paper-mâché, plaster, pigmented
wax, paints, and metals, my work plays with structural balance and
expectations of materials in primarily anthropomorphic forms.

I consistently work in an intuitive process that seeks to translate an
unspeakable subconscious language through objects. Engaging the viewer
in a familiar, yet uneasy presence, my aim is to elicit raw and
visceral emotional reactions through my sculptures, drawings and

Artist talk:

Pictures from Exhibit:



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