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Robert McNellis


Anonymous Images / Specific Objects

New Work By:

Robert McNellis

Exhibit: 1/9-1/30/17

Reception: Wednesday 1/25/17 12:50-2:50

anonymous-landscape-11-1 Robert McNellis studied film at the University of South Florida and holds a degree in art from Troy University with a concentration in film and digital photography. Since moving his studio practice to Philadelphia, his work has been exhibited at ARTSPACE 1241 in downtown Philadelphia. Robert is also an adjunct instructor in our School of Arts and Sciences.

Artist Statement

My work attempts to combine the pictorial, material, and structural elements of my practice into a balanced unity. Using modern materials, I strive to create structures and discover imagery that can achieve this unity. As the pictorial aspects of this work have come more and more to suggest visual similarity to the natural world–albeit obscure and scarcely defined–I have recently turned to incorporating photographs taken in chance ways into my work. In these anonymous photographs, I find images that are evocative and yet whose subject is largely unknowable. When successful, this interplay between the evocative and unknowable within the image, together with the clarity of the material structure, creates a strong resonance between image and object.

From the Exhibit


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