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Natasha Giles


Social Voyeurism

paintings by

  Natasha Giles

  Exhibit: 2/2-2/28/17
Reception: Wednesday 2/15 12:00-2:00


The Holy Family University Gallery is pleased to present Natasha Giles’ Social Voyeurism. The exhibit features paintings from her most recent body of work.  Her works are inspired by social media, memory and the experience of moments in time. In this series the unspoken communication of body language and character is exuded in each captured moment.

 Natasha is a Georgia based painter and educator, originally from Kentucky. She received her B.F.A. from Savannah College of Art + Design in 2007 and her M.F.A from the University of Kentucky in 2011. She will have upcoming exhibitions at Transylvania University, the Arts Council of Southeast Missouri, The Lyric Theater and Cultural Arts Center (Lexington, Kentucky) and The Carnegie Center (New Albany, Indiana).

Artist Statement

 My work is about social voyeurism and our shared experience of memories and moments in time. Many people are laying their private or mundane thoughts and actions at the feet of the masses for consumption. I pilfer public images, memories that are not my own, and create paintings where I imagine, investigate and become a part of that original moment. In my paintings, I reinterpret each event and invite the viewer to engage and participate with me.

Each painting is created from images found on social media. The photos used as reference were taken by different individuals. More than anything, I am drawn to the interactions of the people in the original photographs. What intrigues me is the illusion of time and the unspoken communication of body language; the personality and character that is exuded in a captured moment.



1 Comment

  1. Great perspective on the ties that bind us all.
    Good Job.

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