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Katelyn Scherber and Ashley Shackleford



Holy Family Art Gallery

Graduating Students Art Exhibit

Ashley Shackleford

Katelyn Scherber

Exhibit: 4/7-4/21/17

Reception and Artists Gallery Talk:
Tuesday 4/11/17  5-7pm

Split Personalities

By Ashley Shackleford


Artist Statement

This art exhibit shows both of my personalities. When looking at my artwork hanging on these walls you will feel so many emotions all at once. All of the bright colors I have used will bring you much happiness while the darker tones I used may bring anger. Emotion is a huge aspect of art and can vary in many ways. Everyone’s emotions are different.

The colors I have chosen are very bright and vibrant to reflect on the American Traditional style of tattooing. I have made four complete designs; one painting and one print to go with each. The paintings show big bold lines as well as color, while my prints are black and white and consist of very thin strokes that show more detail. I thoroughly enjoy the field of tattooing and love to incorporate it into my artwork. Tattoos are a way for one to express oneself through body ink. Tattoos make you unique and show off your creativity; which to me is an amazing thing.

My other artwork that is shown shows off my athletic abilities. I love being in the gym and staying in great shape. I conducted my own little business called Body By Shack, as a personal trainer. Being able to continue pursuing my goals in the gym while helping others achieve theirs, is perfect for me. I made business cards, a t-shirt, flyers, and a website for those who are interested. On the shirt that I made, I added my business logo so my clients would be able to show off their new workout clothes and start to feel great in their own body. Art and the gym are two of the most important things in my life besides my family. I can always lean back on both to relax or to collect my thoughts. I wouldn’t want it any other way. -Ashley Shackleford

From the Gallery



Pain then Love

By Katelyn Scherber


Artist Statement

There are two parts to my show, pain and love.

Pain: I was asked a question my freshman year of college. It was, “What sparks a particular emotion to you?” and my first initial answer was pain. My father was a heavy smoker that (at the time) made me angry and hurt that he chose cigarettes over his own health and well-being. All that pain from him choosing to smoke then to actually want to live his life, was brought out in a lot of my work. After he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, all my hate and anger turned in to complete pain. After a year of dealing with the pain, I decided to try and turn my art around and focus on what I love. Within all these works, you’ll begin to notice the different mediums used to express my emotions in many different ways.

Love: My last cigarette painting was a watercolor painting where the smoke turned into butterflies. It was painting that finally made me realize that it’s time to start focusing on my happiness and myself. In my Printmaking II class, I created five different animal faces. Although it is not as personal as my cigarette pieces, drawing all the animals allowed me to open up the more positive side of me. I find the beauty in all the wild creatures I drew. Lions are strong and have beautiful manes. Giraffe are tall and always rise up when they are down. Goats are independent but still have a sense of personality. Foxes are cunning and can have beautiful coats. But there was one animal that isn’t as wild. This is more of the personal side that I wanted to incorporate. The dog is a symbol of loyalty and after having a very difficult summer; I was still able to come home to my dog who would be there for me on my darkest days. He would give me a sense of protection when I needed it. Moving on to the four magazine covers, they are about being me, living as a student-athlete on a college campus. It became a routine of watching what I eat and how much I can afford to buy. The irony in my work comes from how college students, who can have the busiest of schedules as they study so they can get a job to afford “luxurious” food but can only find time to eat and afford quick, cheap meals. –Katelyn Scherber

From the Gallery

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