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Constance M. Simon


Grids and More

Works on paper

Exhibit: March 6 – 26, 2018

Artist Reception

March 19, 2018  12-2 pm

Sunset Grid & title

Artist’s Statement

My current paintings grew out of my attraction to geometric patterns from many world traditions such as Islamic tile patterns,   ancient Roman mosaics, quilt and textile forms. I have also been influenced by American 1960’s Op paintings with their subtle color relationships playing on simple straight lines, geometric shapes, and 3D illusions. Another influence has always been Persian, Turkish, and Indian miniature paintings. I love their delicate painting techniques, decorative patterns and intimate size.

Each of my paintings is based on a grid structure which I find to be an appealing scaffold upon which to play with variations of color, light, pattern, and volume. The grid serves as a unifying starting theme for me as it does in most tile and many textile patterns. I am attracted to the repetitions and purity of the grid and inspired by the potential of creating endless variations on this simple theme. The grid form also provides a way to break up colors rather than use colors in solid blocks. I am intrigued to find grid forms all around me in so many industrially produced objects and naturally occurring forms. These grids present me with infinite variations of pattern, rhythm, light and shadow.

For many years, I worked from direct observation of still-life set ups (which can be seen on my website). The experience of working from direct observation of the physical world has given me a vocabulary of space, volume, and light to abstract into my current grid structures. My paintings generally have a response to the visual world as a starting point in an indirect way. Observing the play of light and color in the world around me is always an inspiration.

 Connie grew up in Princeton, N.J.  She received her B.F.A. from the Cleveland Institute of Art and her M.F.A. from Syracuse University. She is currently on the faculty of the Delaware College of Art and Design in Wilmington, DE where she teaches drawing, design, and color courses.

Exhibitions of her paintings have been seen at the Blue Streak Gallery in Wilmington, the Rosenfeld Gallery in Philadelphia, Howard Community College in Columbia, MD, the Cressman Library Gallery on the campus of Cedar Crest College in Allentown, the College of Southern Maryland in La Plata, MD, and the Mezzanine Gallery in Wilmington. The Berman Art Museum at Ursinus College in Collegeville, PA purchased a painting of hers for their permanent collection after exhibiting her work in 2006.  Connie was awarded an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Delaware Division of the Arts in 1994. Her paintings and drawings have been featured in articles in Artists’ Magazine, American Artist, New American Paintings, New Art Examiner, Art Calendar, and Art Matters.

From the Exhibit:



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