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Call for Art

Exhibition Opportunities:

Guidelines for Artists Proposing Artworks for Exhibition

To propose work for exhibition at the Holy Family University Art Gallery, please submit the following:

Between six to twenty jpegs images – pc compatible

Label each image with artist’s name, title, medium and dimensions.

Numbered Image list that corresponds


Artist statement

Please note the review process is done in June.

Submit your materials via e-mail to:




Exhibiting Guidelines

The gallery is 51 linear feet by 7’

The walls are 19’, 8’, 24’.

Pedestals are available

Hanging of the exhibit can be done by the artist or the gallery-the gallery has final say on the display of said work

The opening/gallery is open to the public and the gallery encourages the artist to invite friends, family and professional associates to the opening


The artist needs to supply the gallery with:A digital list of the works to be exhibited with medium and cost

The completed contract

A press release

An artistic statement

A list of news papers the artist wants notified


The artist is responsible for:Gallery cards if wanted

Refreshments for the opening-it is a dry campus

A gallery talk at the opening

Any supportive material the artist would like displayed in the gallery

Taking down the work and removing it from the university at close of the exhibit or

Shipping the work to and from


The gallery will
Send out the press release

Post the exhibit on the university portal and university web site

Tape the gallery talk for posting on the university portal

The university will take photos at the opening to be used by the university for promotion

The university will insure work listed on the contract

Make labels from supplied information


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