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Past Exhibitions


Kathleen O’Connor & Samantha Siess

We Are Who We Are

April 29th-July

Opening Reception: Tuesday April 30th 6-8 pm

Samantha Siess & Kathleen O'Connor Safe Voyage (2)

Samantha Siess & Kathleen O’Connor
Safe Voyage (2)

Kathleen O'Connor Steadfast

Kathleen O’Connor

Samantha Siess Crying Ballerina

Samantha Siess
Crying Ballerina

“We Are Who We Are” is an exhibition that includes a culmination of physical, emotional and mental issues. Both individual artists have created their work towards the idea of acceptance of themselves and others to fulfill ultimate happiness.

Samantha’s sculptures display women in a vulnerable state in which they are forced to accept themselves for who they are as well as target some key issues people face daily.

Kathleen’s paintings are created to urge the audience to relate to the symbolism of an every day object and relate it back to some emotional aspect of his or her life.

Together Samantha and Kathleen have developed during their college career through both their artistic classes and academic courses. One of the reasons they feel as though the have been successful during their four years at Holy Family University, is because they were able to work so well together. Both Kathleen and Samantha fueled one another in creating their work, which led to working together in this exhibition.


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